Meet the Stair Shop Team: Brad McPherson and Doug Dittmer

One of the ways that especially sets Muscanell Millworks apart from other mills is their ability to offer customized stair parts to match their flooring. A floor is the biggest piece of furniture in a house, and Brad and Doug help to craft a continuation of that notion throughout all areas of a space.

When you order stair parts from Muscanell, they are custom-made to each order, offering a boutique element to their rustic, quality flooring. Brad and Doug have nearly 20 years of combined experience working at Muscanell, so it’s guaranteed that the standards that the mill applies to their unfinished flooring is translated easily to their stair parts by the pair’s craftsmanship. Read on to learn more about the team that helps folks move up (and down) throughout their surroundings.

What is your role at Muscanell?

  • Brad: Stair Shop Manager
  • Doug: Machine Operator in the mill mostly working in the stair shop

How long have you worked at Muscanell?

  • Brad: 9 years
  • Doug: 8 years

What is the best part of working at Muscanell?

  • Brad: Seeing the final project
  • Doug: Great people to work with – working 4, 10-hour days

What is one of your favorite memories at Muscanell?

  • Brad: Watching Bobby chase the backhoe
  • Doug: Learning how to run all the machines

Brad – as the stair shop manager, would you please provide a statement about he department, your time at Muscanell and/or what it’s like to work with Doug?

  • “Doug is the back bone of the stair shop and a guy you can always count on.”

What has been your favorite job task at Muscanell Millworks?

  • Brad: One of my favorite jobs is going through a good unit of lumber
  • Doug: Making great stair treads

What was your first job with Muscanell Millworks?

  • Brad: The strapping machine
  • Doug: Tailing

What have you gained from working at Muscanell Millworks?

  • Brad: Over 9 years – a lot! But, maintenance on the machines has been something valuable I have gained
  • Doug: I have learned so much about he different kinds of wood and how to make a quality product

What is your proudest moment at Muscanell Millworks?

  • Brad: I am always proud when the stair shop can push out rush orders
  • Doug: That I work for a company that makes high quality products

Best vacation you have been on:

  • Brad: Madagascar
  • Doug: Jamaica

Do you have a favorite quote?

  • Brad: “Start right, end right.”
  • Doug: “Go ahead. Make my day.”

What is the one thing you cannot resist?

  • Doug: A cold beer on a hot day 😊 or a good road trip