Walnut Hardwood Flooring

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Walnut is a moderately dense and very stable wood. Compared to Red Oak, it is about 25% more moisture stable and about 20% softer. Our Walnut stock is steamed, mellowing the usually white sap wood to a light tan color.

Madera Grade Walnut

Walnut Madera Grade Hardwood FlooringIn our Madera grade, Walnut will contain a range of color, unlimited sap wood (normally a small amount), numerous knots both sound and open up to 2” in diameter, and holes up to 3/4” in diameter, some cracks and pith, along with other occasional character marks. Lengths of planks vary from 1’ to 10’, with an average of 5’. Madera grade Walnut results in a floor with an overall dark color, interesting grain, and numerous knots.

Hacienda Grade Walnut

Hacienda Grade WalnutOur Hacienda Walnut is comparable to Select and can contain occasional ½” sound knots. Sapwood content can be up to 30% of the total surface area of the floor. No single plank will contain more than 50% sapwood. All our Walnut is steamed, giving the sapwood a creamy tone. Lengths will vary from 1’ to 10’ with at least a 3.5’ average length.