American Cherry • Hickory • Red Oak • Walnut • White Oak • Quarter-Rift White Oak

American Cherry

American Cherry is a fine grained wood that will darken with age.  Its beautiful red to reddish-brown tones are often imitated in stains.  The sapwood is a cream color.  It is a medium hard wood, about 25% softer than Red Oak, but also about 30% more stable.


Hickory hardwood flooring kiln dried for arid climates

Tough as nails, Hickory is the hardest commercially available hardwood grown in the U.S.  In any grade, a hallmark of our Hickory is contrasting tones.  We draw our Hickory lumber from regions that produce a clear delineation between rich brown heartwood and cream color sapwood lending a “calico” appearance.  Our careful drying is especially important in wide plank Hickory, as it is not as moisture stable as many other species.

Red Oak

Red oak hardwood flooring

Red Oak is still the most popular wood for flooring.  This North American standby is strong, hard, and relatively moisture stable.

American Black Walnut

Walnut hardwood flooring

There is really no substitute for American Black Walnut with its rich dark borwns, interesting grain, and numerous character marks.  It is a moderately dense and very stable wood.  Compared to Red Oak, it is about 25% more moisture stable and about 20% softer.  We start with Walnut lumber from specific areas of the U.S. that is steamed, mellowing the bright white sapwood to a cream color.

White Ash

White Ash solid hardwood flooring

Naturally suited for plank flooring, White Ash is as hard as Red Oak but about 25% more moisture-stable than the Oaks.  Its heartwood is light to medium brown and blends smoothly with lighter sapwood.  A pronounced grain pattern and our generous lengths create a rich look of continuity in the finished floor.

White Oak

White oak hardwood flooring

A time-tested favorite, White Oak’s strength, hardness, rot-resistance, and distinctive open grain have made it a favorite for flooring, cabinets, and furniture for centuries.

Cathedral Cut White Oak

Cathedral Cut White Oak Solid Wood Flooring

Cathedral Cut White Oak is sawn to show off several grain patterns, Quartersawn/Rift on the outside of the plank with more plainsawn grain down the center.  This results in a floor with more continuity, longer lengths, and better stability than seen with plainsawn White Oak.

Quartersawn/Riftsawn White Oak

Quarter/Rift-Sawn White Oak

Quartersawn/Rift is a special cut of White Oak that produces greater surface hardness, better moisture stability and beautiful figure resulting from exposing the medullary rays.  You may have seen this “fleck” in Quartersawn White Oak antique or mission-style furniture.