American Cherry • Hickory • Red Oak • Walnut • White Oak • Quarter-Rift White Oak

American Cherry

This fine-grained wood is a reddish-brown heartwood, interspersed with cream-colored sapwood. It is about 25% softer than Red Oak, but also about 30% more stable.


Hickory hardwood flooring kiln dried for arid climates

Hickory is the hardest commercially available North America wood. It makes an extremely durable hardwood floor, though it is less moisture stable than the oaks.

Red Oak

Red oak hardwood flooring


Walnut hardwood flooring

Walnut is a moderately dense and very stable wood. Compared to Red Oak, it is about 25% more moisture stable and about 20% softer. Our Walnut stock is steamed, mellowing the usually white sap wood to a light tan color.

White Oak

White oak hardwood flooring

A time-tested favorite, White Oak is a very durable flooring material.

Quartersawn/Riftsawn White Oak

Quarter/Rift-Sawn White Oak

A time-tested favorite, Quartersawn/Riftsawn White Oak is a very durable flooring material. It is derived from lumber which is cut with the grain oriented at a 30-90 degree angle to the face of the plank. Not only does the quartersawing process produce an attractive appearance in the wood, but also results in improved durability, surface smoothness, and stability (it is about 50% more stable than plain-sawn White Oak). Many planks contain interesting medullary rays or “fleck.”