Moisture Control

Our wood is double-dried in a kiln to be optimal for arid climates.

Like most mills, we start with lumber that’s been kiln dried to a 6-10% moisture content. However, when you are dealing with wide flooring, this range still leaves too much variance between planks.

We re-dry to a lower, tighter range: 5-7% moisture content.

We kiln-dry before milling.

All our stock that is re-dried goes through that process BEFORE MILLING. This means that movement from loss of moisture takes place before the pieces of lumber take on the final shape of the flooring. It also means that the flooring planks are consistently low in moisture – so you don’t end up with a wide plank at 8% next to a wide plank at 5%. What’s more, our mill is located in a dry climate zone.


Our location in the beautiful Four Corners is key to our drying formula. Because of our naturally arid climate, we can maintain a low 5-7% moisture content on the products that we mill.

Why So Dry?

Because a 3% change in moisture on a 5” hickory plank can cause 1/16” movement. That means 1/8” movement on a 10” Hickory plank with the same change in moisture! That can spell call-backs and complaints.