Textured Flooring

We take special care in creating textured flooring that is just the right balance of rugged and refined.

Our textures are worked into the wood planks here at our mill, where we have control over every aspect of their application and appearance. Instead of predictable, repeating patterns, our method results in random marks that lend a more natural, interesting effect.

In the final steps of milling our texture floors, almost all tear-out is removed from edges, minimizing “overwood” between planks. This a floor that is easy to live with!

Muscanell textures are available in all widths and species that we produce. We can also apply sanding and wirebrushing .

Blue Mountain Textured Wood Flooring

Blue Mountain highlights bandsaw marks, which go across the width of the plank. The pattern is fairly consistent but with some variation.  Even with its rustic character, consistent depth in Blue Mountain saw marks results in a flatter floor, reducing overwood.

Cimarron Wood Flooring Texture

Cimarron features circle saw marks in a random pattern. In our method of creating texture, we control the saw angle, the space between and the direction of the saw marks. The pattern is sculpted with consistent depth, resulting in a flatter floor with very little overwood.

Bryce Canyon combines band and circlesawn marks. Both saw patterns have similar depth so they blend well. With our control over maintaining the random nature of texture, every floor is truly unique.

Our Buckboard offers a more refined texture. It features both circle and bandsaw marks, is wirebrushed, and a slight bevel softens the transition between planks. Then, we apply a final step of polishing, resulting in a rustic floor that is ready to install and finish with very little sanding.

*Samples shown are White Oak with a dark stain.