Welcome to Muscanell Millworks

Count on Quality

At Muscanell Millworks, we are known for producing precisely-milled, long length solid flooring from sustainable hardwoods. Our ¾” thick, unfinished flooring has plank lengths up to 12′ with an average of 5′ in most items. We offer widths from 2-1/4” to 10”. All the woods we utilize are grown and milled in the U.S.

Some people say we’re old fashioned, but to us, that’s a compliment. We rely on principles passed down by generations of craftsmen, like sticking to high quality standards, and striving to do things right the first time.

We Make the Grade

The attention we give to selecting our hardwoods may be time consuming, but we think it’s worth it. In many of our grades, we are looking for character marks and rustic defects that are desirable to look at, but do not interfere with the floor functioning as it should. In some species, we use wood that comes only from a certain region of the U.S. in order to get the desired natural color.

To us the term “rustic” is not an excuse to include all defects. Our careful and consistent grading ensures that even in our most rustic grade, the integrity of the floor will not be compromised.

Take a Stand on a Floor That’s Easier to Install

Throughout the milling process, our highly trained team continually checks tolerances. The care we take to achieve precision in milling translates to straighter planks, less over-wood, and consistently square endmatches. For the installer, this means less hassles in installation, less sanding, less wasted time and material, and fewer problems to fix after the floor is nailed down. For the homeowner, it means a beautiful end result.

We are small enough to stay dedicated to a high quality standard, flexible enough to meet special requests in a timely way, and large enough to meet the needs of stocking distributors.

All our production is done in Colorado using responsibly harvested North American hardwoods like White Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry and others to meet your solid plank flooring needs.

Cut and Dried

We don’t leave moisture levels to chance. Like most flooring mills, we start with properly-kiln dried lumber, but we take extra steps in moisture control, assuring you a dry product.

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