Precision Milling

Take a Stand on a Floor That’s Easier to Install

Throughout the milling process, our highly trained team continually checks tolerances. The care we take to achieve precision in milling translates to straighter planks, less over-wood, and consistently square endmatches. For the installer, this means less hassles in installation, less sanding, less wasted time and material, and fewer problems to fix after the floor is nailed down. For the homeowner, it means a beautiful end result. Our flooring products are bare wood. This means you can choose the coating that best aligns with your lifestyle.

End-Matched, Not Filled In

Had your fill of poorly fitting ends? We are always updating our machines and training so our endmatches are consistently square and well above the industry standards, even on our longest and widest planks. When you don’t accept substitutes for quality, the results will floor you.