Herringbone Flooring

We start with beautiful, renewable North American Hardwoods. From the felling of the log, through sawing, planing, grading, and packaging, our wood flooring is created entirely here in the U.S. Whether we’re making rustic or higher grade floors, we follow the same strict standards with milling, grading, and moisture control. Count on Muscanell for wood flooring made in the proud tradition of craftsmen.

Herringbone flooring is a unique pattern creating an asymmetrical balance in a room. Although any length works with any width, a traditional herringbone length is an increment of the width (e.g., 4” x 20” or 4” x 24”).

Our flooring is dried to 5%-7% moisture content which reduces the amount of movement from plank to plank. With moisture content changes, hardwood flooring expands and contracts across the width of the plank with very little movement along the length of the plank. Herringbone is installed in a way that the width works against the length so moisture changes can cause unsightly gaps. Minimizing that movement will minimize those gaps.

Using state of the art technology, our herringbone is accurate to the thousanths of an inch. This makes for a faster installation with minimal gaps and a great fit.

Our herringbone is milled with double-end grooves to be installed with spline. There are no ‘lefts and rights’, all pieces are interchangeable. Lengths of planks range from 16” up to 50”.

Fun Fact: Herringbone gets its name because it resembles the look of the bone structure of a herring fish.