Meet the Mill Team: Part One

Every successful team is comprised of multiple personalities and skillsets, but at a mill, it’s especially important for the mill team to work like a well-oiled machine. There’s a crew of nine that make things happen at Muscanell, so we’re introducing them in two parts. First up we have Evan Benally (Machine Operator Level 6, 10 years with MM), Johnnathan Phillips (Machine Operator Level 6, 3.5 years with MM), Cheyenne McLain (Machine Operator Level 2, 7 months with MM), and Andy Watkins (Millwright, 11 years with MM).

What is your favorite part of the job? 

Evan – Running the moulder and seeing the production at the end of the day 

Johnnathan – There is always something to do. The days fly by. 

Cheyenne – Working alongside a great crew.

Andy – Being creative.

How has working in the mill benefited you in life (other than the paycheck)?

Evan – When you start something, you finish it.

Johnnathan – Working in the mill has kept me in shape and I feel I have grown as a person here.

Cheyenne – It’s easy having a 4 day work week and the 3 day weekend. Benefits me having children to work comfortably around. 

 Andy – Made me see other resources.

What is one fun fact you are willing to share about yourself?

Evan – Love watching football. 

Johnnathan – I am soon to be a dad.

Cheyenne – I played piano in high school and volleyball was my favorite sport.

 Andy – Would rather play music.