White Ash

White Ash is a long length floor creating a rich look of continuity in your floor. With light to medium brown heartwood, it blends smoothly with the lighter colored sapwood. White Ash is as hard as Red Oak and 25% more moisture stable.

Mesa Verde Grade
Mesa Verde grade Ash has an overall look similar to our Madera grade, but including some larger character marks. Solid knots of unlimited size, open holes up to 1-1/4” in diameter, cracks which don’t compromise the integrity of the floor, and color variations are allowed. This is a very long length product, varying from 3’ to 12’, with about a 7’ average.

Hacienda Grade
Hacienda, our highest grade, has less extreme variations in color than Casa grade. It is almost free from knots, with only occasional small pin knots (up to 3/16” in diameter) allowed. It can contain small amounts of gum, and sap not to exceed 10% of the surface area of the floor. Lengths of planks vary from 1’ to 10’, with an average of at least 5’.